The Eschaton- Introduction


We are in the eschaton of human history.

Our current trajectory as a species is one that is headed directly to war, chaos, death and biospheric destruction- on a massive scale.
As of 2017, the Earth has (or had) a population of 7.5 billion people. This figure is expected to hit 9 billion by 2050 and 12 billion by 2075 if world population rates are not brought down to manageable and sustainable levels soon. Already, 7.5 billion is 3 times the carrying capacity of the Earth's ability to maintain and sustain human life. In other words, we now have 3 times the number of people than the earth's natural environment can provide for. Overpopulation, combined with environmental catastrophes such as the Fukushima radiation meltdowns in Japan and a global climate change disruption brought on by carbon and runaway arctic methane releases, is driving the human race to extinction.

As of 2017, there are upwards of 40 million men, women and children (that's 6 jewish holocausts annually) who perish on this planet every year from hunger, starvation, disease and malnutrition. This is the GREATEST HOLOCAUST of human life ever to have occured in all of human history. We have a global military-industrial-intelligence-security complex completely OUT OF CONTROL in many nations throughout the world, particularily in the USA. This global enterprise is funding, building, constructing, deploying and using weapons of warfare to kill millions of our fellow human brothers and sisters here on Earth. Our current political, economic, social and religious systems are promoting activities that are inverted, psychotic, backwards and evil. It is a system that is NOT sustainable nor is it survivable in the long run. It MUST be abandoned. We MUST evolve beyond this devolutionary trajectory and instead learn to BUILD a sustainable Green World Order for our species.

There is now the golden opportunity to create a just and livable future for Mankind. It will take a complete transformation of human consciousness on both an individual and on a societal level. This transformation will necessitate a re-prioritizing of values, ethics, morals and ideals oriented towards the preservation and protection of all life and the biosphere. It will mean abandoning and overcoming the ways of weapons and warfare. It will also mean a shift into learning how to cooperate with our fellow men (and women) on Earth for the sole purposes of securing our collective survival and providing for the future prosperity of our descendents.

The eschaton of human history will be a species breakdown or a species breakthrough into the future.

We are at this critical "nexus point" of progressive human evolution right now.